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Development Planning

For those who are weary of lurching from crisis to crisis, there is an alternative: development planning. Silbert Fund Raising can help nonprofits create a clear and effective development plan to address short and long term funding needs. This includes a thorough assessment of the nonprofit’s strengths and challenges, research to identify prospective donors, detailed support on logistical needs, and developing an action plan for success.

Development Audits

Silbert Fund Raising conducts integrated Development Audits to assist nonprofits in their quest to gain efficiency and an understanding of their particular fund raising environment. If retained, Silbert Fund Raising will comprehensively review the nonprofit’s past and present fund raising records, analyze the organization’s prior and current marketing strategies, provide benchmark data on best practices and current donor trends in simliar organizations, and provide suggestions for improvement and an action plan for implementation.

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study gives a nonprofit crucial information before embarking on a capital campaign by identifying leadership, funding avenues, and challenges they may face. When retained to conduct a Feasibility Study, Silbert Fund Raising will prepare a case statement of support and interview questionnaire; conduct 30-50 personal interviews with key constituents to discuss the nonprofit’s role in the community; prepare all written communications and make arrangements for all interviews; provide recommendations, a gift table, and action plan for implementation; and compile and present a formal report of the feasibility study and its findings.


Capital Campaigns

For Capital Campaigns, Silbert Fund Raising prides itself on analyzing each nonprofit individually, designing its strategies for success based on their unique needs, and implementing a customized plan. We will personally work with the organization to establish a campaign strategy and policies; assist in the recruitment of campaign leadership; organize and host campaign meetings; work with the nonprofit and campaign leadership to identify and cultivate campaign volunteers and donors; and provide extensive fund raising training for campaign leaders and solicitors.

In addition, Silbert Fund Raising will work with the organization to create an exciting and effective marketing plan, develop a campaign case statement and supporting collateral, prepare all materials needed for the solicitation of both major gifts and the public campaign (including redemption of pledges procedures), create and supervise public relations activities, and complete a final campaign report and recommendations for post-campaign activities.

Annual Campaigns

Silbert Fund Raising has many years of experience in designing annual appeal campaigns. If hired to implement an Annual Campaign, Silbert Fund Raising will compile, write, and design an effective and compelling appeal through a collaborative dialogue with nonprofit staff, Board Members, and volunteers; review all of the organization’s past annual fund raising campaigns; examine and adjust as needed the nonprofit’s mailing list; and create and implement a comprehensive plan of action for follow up, such as phonathons and Board solicitation.

Grant Writing

Silbert Fund Raising can assist with a nonprofit’s foundation and corporate fund raising so they can concentrate on managing their organization. For Grant Writing assignments, Silbert Fund Raising familiarizes itself with the organization’s programs, funding history, and goals; researches national and local funding opportunities; prepares a list of likely grant options; outlines a strategic plan with timeline for grant applications; and creates a compelling case statement of support and personalized grant template, including a complimentary communication plan with local and national foundations. We will also assist in the preparation of background and support materials and prepare grants for review and submission, and assist the organizaiton in creating a reporting mechanism to follow up with successful grant awards.

Special Events

With over 30 years of experience in this field alone, Silbert Fund Raising has had great success with Special Events. When retained, our firm will recruit a special event committee and chairperson, if needed, and meet with that committee on a regular basis; assist the committee in assigning event tasks and working with members to ensure completion; and create customized marketing collateral and coordinate public relations for the event. In addition, we can also coordinate the selection of a site location, plan theme and decorations, recruit entertainment, select menus, and organize catering.

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360° Communications Review

Great outward communication begins from within an organization. Silbert Fund Raising starts with the traditional market research and reach analysis of your current initiatives then expands upon that information with a full audit of a non-profit’s communication values, goals, voice, collateral, and physical and online presence.


Brand Strategy & Development

Branding is an organization’s identity. In today’s society, branding isn’t the next ad or flyer – it is who you are and how you help people. It’s your vision and how you want to get there. Whether building from scratch or refreshing an established brand, Silbert Fund Raising will work with you to find your core message, mission, promise, vision, and symbolism. In addition, we will work with you to develop your brand style guide: providing design services for cross-medium collateral.

Web Design & Social Media

Silbert Fund Raising’s premier web design services deliver an organization’s soul though compelling, imaginative, and clean design. With over 15 years of experience in web-based design, we know the trends, we know the best practices, and we pride ourselves on unique and personalized solutions that will resonate with your organization and audience.

Silbert Fund Raising fully understands that non-profits today often don’t have the resources or time to dedicate to social media. Our services review your organization, research the best social media options for you, and provide a strategy for success in their implementation. This includes the initial creation of your social media sites, social media content, and training for those in your organization.

Analytics & SEO

Who is visiting your website? How often are they coming? What pages are they visiting? Silbert Fund Raising will set up and enable your website analytics so you can know the answers to these questions and more. Silbert Fund Raising’s senior associates will provide training on the analytics framework and how to decode this data.

In addition to analyzing your current web traffic, Silbert Fund Raising will also design a proposal to augment your online viewership. Through Search Engine Optimization, we will improve how you rank in search engine databases. Silbert Fund Raising will review your current web content, analyze your industry’s best practices, and provide a detailed implementation plan and timeline to increase your SEO.

Digital Best Practices & Policies

Its is undeniable that as the Internet continues to be the world’s most powerful connector of people, organizations must outline and implement how and why employees connect online. Brand Ambassadors can be your best asset or greatest liability. Silbert Fund Raising can advise an organization on the proper policies and procedures for how employees connect with each other, clients, and the greater target audience when online.